Signing this guy as manager was the attempt of ownership to steer attention away from the lack of production from players they spent a lot of money to play here.
And it worked.
This guy's a freakin' whack job. Everything is a little off kilter.
When I want good baseball, I go elsewhere.
When I want drama, entertainment, I go to Bobby V.
The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing in this organization. Gonzo has the flu, oh, no, a back injury. Carl Crawford is a lock to start tomorrow night, ... well, we'll see, says Bobby V.
Youk is to blame for the animosity between the two. I love it.
(Actually, had Bobby V said what he said about Adrian Gonsales, would we have disagreed? Again, a little off kilter. Missed it by this much, as Maxwell Smart would say.)

My hope is Bobby V turns out to be crazy like a fox.
But I'll be tuning in everyday because he's crazy.