GREAT gesture by the Sox or enabling?

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    Re: GREAT gesture by the Sox or enabling?

    In response to CommyContrarianOnTwitter's comment:

    dude seems to have a tude. but he's age 19, still time to turn him around. dont know about that .203 average though. but still, sox clearly dont need him and he likely wont be on the major league roster, could have used him to set an example. belichick woulda cut him! its his second offense. waiting for 3 strikes? peeps who drive drunk are amongst the worse folks on earth. its no laughing matter. ur out there with a 200 pound loaded weapon and firing with little control. i'm sure there would b a redline if this were his second pedophilia arrest or sexual assault charge. society must send a stronger message.

    y didnt they give him all this help the first time? if so, they should cut bait and terminate his contract. let him learn consequences and what it feels like to b an econ jabro for a bit. for BC to say it never occurred to him to cut him is concerning. there should b clearer guidelies on these things. others are watching, this is not a good precedence IMO. overall, should have been done the first time. i lean towards the ENABLING side!

    There was already a decent thread created about this.  Of course, you don't bother to add to another's discussion (not that you have anything of substance to add), and feel the need to start your own barely legible and overly-sensational thread.  I say we stick to the other thread and not enable you.  

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    Re: GREAT gesture by the Sox or enabling?

    Thin line between.  As to why not help after the 1st offense, it isn't a pattern yet.  19 and power drunk ... self image is way out of line.