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    Great trade if this happens

    Only thing they are losing is Gonzo's bat but he is on the wrong side of 30 and that contract will be another albatross soon.  Everything else is addition by subtraction.  An enormous salary dump that is a blessing.  If they could have gotten them to take Lackey it would have been pure theft.  Wonder who plays first next year?  Middlebrooks with Bogaerts at third?   Do they dump Ells for Upton in the winter and put Bradley in CF?  They would younger and hopefully hungrier and alot more likable.
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    Re: Great trade if this happens

    May be a little soon but:

    Bogaerts has already hit, I think, his 5 th HR in Portland. JBJ is still sidelined. Brentz is hitting bombs---and they are only one game under .500. They have climbed a mountain since the mid season break.

    Workman is pitching well since being called up from Salem to Portland and they have a big kid who is closing Michael Olmstead. Travis Shaw may be their best true 1B in the system and he's in Portland.