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    Re: Grienke

    Not to mention that Reddick likely would not have hit 32 HRs if he had played half his games at Fenway.  However, his gold glove suprised me a bit, and is exactly what the Sox needed to replace Drew, who played a deceptively (because he made it look easy) good RF for the Sox.

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    Re: Grienke

    It amazes me how many posters on here have turned into "Small Time Charlies ".  So worried about spending money. So concerned about " value. "  Completely scared off because we got burnt by Crawford and Lackey.  We have got a last place ballclub !! We have plenty of bucks to spend .  Do you want to continue pinching pennies and hope some of these ham and eggers surprise us ?  Do you really think our young prospects are all that good ?  The stats do not support that.  Please don't complain and blame Farrell when this team turns in another dismal season in 2013.  Because that is what will happen if we decide that we cannot afford to sign top talent , and continue to sign these second- rate mediocrities.  Was the mega - deal with L.A. done to increase profits or free up money to improve the team ?   Why take a chance on a superstar like Hamilton when we have " Pods "  and Nava ?  What happened with this franchise ?   Give me a break .

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    Re: Grienke

    Its not about being afraid to spend money. Its that grienke is a bad fit for Boston for such a hefty contract. And hamilton is way too long of a deal for a guy with his history of health and personal issues.

    Its about being smart when spending said money, and not just throwing it at the best available.