Hamilton Yes No

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    Re: Hamilton Yes No

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    what am i supposed to judge bailey on? he was lousy and his return to "form" to me means being injured all the time....he was a mistake...a huge one because we thought he could fill paps shoes and we gave away Reddick....it dont get worse than that...


    aviles and iggy are our shortstops???? please staRT pedro c and trade these guys for any package deal that gets us Felix/ace.....Iggy, aviles, and Ells.....send them all packing...one cant hit,ne cant field, one cant stay healthy....


    we have middlebrooks coming back - i would rather sign papi or ross than josh for a zillion bucks

    First of all you should judge Bailey on the fact he is an Allstar closer whose ERA is largely inflated on one appearance. You give an All Star closer more than 8 chances. Also Reddick had a pretty bad season overall. On Aviles, I think his glove is fine given his bat. The OBP was low but that was probably due to Bobby V not preaching patience. On Iggy, shouldn't you hold your judgement on young middle infielders, since Dustin Pedroia is not currently selling sausage.


    The Sox need a LFer. Lets assume Ortiz or Ross come back or the Sox also need a DH and RF in addition to LFer and 1B. So you would have him in addition to those guys.

    he wouldve been better off this yr if he went that route...then again he was doing his best impression of being a salami with all his whining and mediocre playing

    His play was fine. He ended up with a 290 batting average after playing with a torn ligament. He had no quit. If you don't think he had good season on a very bad team you are in a Softy-like fantasy world.

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    Re: Hamilton Yes No

    Hamilton won't be playing in texas unless he's visiting. After he failed to chase down the ball in the playoff game he sealed his fate. He could wind up in Boston or NYY but not for 20 mil per season.

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    Re: Hamilton Yes No

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    I guess Michael morse isn't known to many people?

    If Salty doesn't work out, McCann is one of the 2 or 3 best C in baseball.

    If they need pitching, Lincecum, Wainright, Johnson, Stauffer, Floyd, Haren are all solid, proven SP.

    Adam Jones, Pence, Morse (again), Cruz, Hart and Gordon all offer production in different forms, and I'm sure most could learn to play 1B just fine if that's where the Sox had a need.

    Who's available this year? Hamilton, Greinke, and...........................

    Yes, I forgot Votto's LONG deal. Yes, Cano is likely to be extended, but that still leaves a lot mroe talent to explore. Teams are going to overpay, just like the Sox did with Lackey, because there is so little available. I'm trying to AVOID the mistakes the Sox have been making, not repeat them...or prove I can defeat a deck stacked against me.

    If the Sox gave Hamilton 4/80, and he missed a month next year...what would fans be saying? Then would I expect him to be getting better at 34? It's just a bad idea, he's far too risky.

    It's true players don't become available, and at ages they used to. So, either invest in producing your own, or target guys and go trade for them at an earlier age (gonzalez). Not target them through their prime, and give them stupid-long deals at 30 (crawford). And though everyone was happy with GOnzalez at the time...he played well, but not 22mil well, so fans wern't happy with him. 20mil+ a year is a resipe for disaster, even if the guy hits because he needs to hit, hit for power, be a leader, and not get injured for fans to be happy and feel like he lived up to the deal. That's not realistic.

    I'vementiond Morse as a fit in a dozen other threads.  I could see it happening, although I am not a huge Michael morse fan.  If they get him, I will root for him and hope he stay of steroids for once.


    McCann certainly could leave Atlanta, but I do think many people would be surprised. 


    I'd be extremely surpised if Pence or Adam Jones were even remotely available.  Neither are free agents and both are on teams currently in the post-season.  What exactly is the motivation to sell?


    Its one thing to rattle off the names of star players nad pitchers, but many of these targets are not moving and won't be.  Tim Lincecum struggled and is owed a lot of money next season.  Despite those being 2 big reasons to move him, does anyone honestly think they will?  All these fans expecting him to be available wouldn't move him so quickly were they GM of the Giants - the only guy whoseopinion on the subject that matters.  And we know this because they clearly still think highly of Lincecum to place a bullseye on him.  I'm sure Sabean also thinks highly of his multiple Cy Young winning pitcher, and will hold on to him through 2013.  Or at the very least, won't trade him for Ellsbury.

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    Re: Hamilton Yes No

    I agree with moon and many others.

    No means no.


    Lets go for some low risk guys for once.

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    Re: Hamilton Yes No

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    I agree with moon and many others.

    No means no.


    Lets go for some low risk guys for once.

    Hamilton is a tremendous talent and healthy could set the American League on fire.  OTOH, he is prone to the grape, prone to drugs, and prone to injuries---and he is very very expensive.  We just unloaded a ton of salary so why would we want to take on another bloated contract.  There are good options out there on the trade mart.  All it takes is a creative GM who knows talent and has good scouts and aids to help him find these types.  We now have Eddie Bane, a very good baseball man, as an aid, but a GM who seems to be way in over his head and a CEO who doesn't know when to butt out of baseball personnel operations.  For Hamilton, NO!!!!  For Bane to be given a strong role in the baseball ops department, YES!!!!  And somehow, for that detestable and miserable Lucchino to concentrate on promotions and stay away from areas he is totally ignorant at.