Several on this board are calling for the firing of BV. Did you really think thatthey Sox were going to start winning games now that "the trade" took place. That playing all the kids now, when we should have started the year with some of them, would turn things around?

Bobby was put on a short leash anGino's given free reign to rub the team like he wanted. He was made to adapt to the the Francona way of doing things. Do I blame BV? Only in this sense. He went along with it. Think about all the things they worked on in ST. None of it was employed during the season. I believe the ownership and some players were not willing to go along with the approach of manufacturing runs. After all, this was the Red Sox, the OBP team that relied heavily on the 3-run dinger. 
BV was not accepted, he was tolerated. He came in with baggage and the players and management made him carry it. 
Then there is BC who made several questionable moves and insisted on keeping some of Francona's guys. They reonded by playing the loyalty card.

This season was a recipe for disaster from the start. There is plenty of blame to go around and blaming one person is not only short-sighted, it is ludicrous.