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    In response to CommyContrarianOnTwitter's comment:

    like iggy but this guy has been resurgent. despite all the talk about puiggy, hanley has been een hotter. ;ast night he was 4 of 5.. been hitting it all oer the place and now is exactly what the sox saw all those years back. now hitting cleanup at .412, .446 obp and an incredible .753 slugging! its no wonder that a-gon is now getting betting pitches. dodgers are for real. wait til craw gets back. they hae a plethora of OF trade pieces to get even better esp in the SP area.

    Not so much on the OF trade pieces.  Ethier has no value unless they include a check for ~ $50M.

    He's the equivalent of guys like Nava, Murphy, Moss, Ibanez, etc.