Hanrahan done

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    Re: Hanrahan done

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    RS fans are amazing....

    He has a major injury and most talk like he suked because he was just no good. Yet he had 3 of 4 saves in his first two weeks with one bad game which tells me he was hurt in that game or the one before.

    For those that say Paps 32 yrs. old best yrs are behind him. Would you say yhat about Nathan and Valverde who are both less than 40 saves in front of him and one is 35 (3 yrs more of saves) and the other 38 (5 yrs more of saves).

    Paps has been one of the top 3 or 4 closers for the past 6 years.

    I say this all the time here....Most here hate Paps despite what he has accomplished they think he is a dumb redneck and a fool.

    I have always siad not signing him would hurt this team for at least five yrs or more and so far,,,,,,,,,,,, 

    This from a "fan" who started that dumb injury thread.


    This from a neanderthal that offers nothing to this forum except name calling and no facts or anything of substance. So why are you here?

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    Re: Hanrahan done

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    I don't think the Sox miss much from losing Hanrahan for the season, he was decent, but replaceable.

    The Sox have money to spend, go find another relief guy from a low contending team and problem is solved.

    You're right , the Sox are not missing much but they still basically flushed 7 million down the toilet on this bum.