Hapiness Brigade marches on....

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    Re: Hapiness Brigade marches on....

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    Got onto all the "positive posters" bashing anyone and everyone for their concerns about 2013. These being the same people that were confident in Tito, Lester, Ortiz, Lackey, Beckett, and the ability of the team to win WSC en-masse.


    1)  Positive fan now claims games in April are now important. More important now than anytime under Tito's 9 sum year watch. How many times did Tito tank a game in April or May did we here the "positive" fans demeaning the fans questioning the value of an April game?

    2) Positive fan praises Napolis ability at Fenway based on 72 career at-bats. Then said "positive fan" says that a 108 game sample size of Naploi at first is no measuring stick to judge his likely defensive performance. Huh?  Even with physical issues the positive fan calls us "haters, bashers. doom-sayers".

    3) Positive fan spends the week here bashing the supposed hater fans about bashing the players or front-office. They declare they are the positive ones... by bashing.

    4) Positive fan spent all 2012 blasting Bobby V rather than site the true demon, the actual team and subsequently the upper management. 

    5) Positive fan always rolls out the .ops or quality starts stats to defend a player when the demon fan still goes by batting average and wins. Gomez vs. lefties anyone?

    6) Positive fan still wants Troy O'Leary in left, Daubach in right, Elles in center, Millar at first, Walker at second, Nomar at short, Youk at third, Flaherty catching, and Ortiz dh'ing. 

    7) Positive fan still wants Beckett, Lackey, Lester, and Reardon on the staff.

    8) Positive fan still wants Tito the ever grateful employee at the helm.

    9) Positive fan thinks Cherington is a man for himself and for the team. Hater fan knows he is a puppet of the Great Luchino.

    10) Positive fan is outnumbered by hater fan 10-1.


    I am positive you are off the mark a few places, but that's ok.  I was positive that Adrian and Carl were gonna make a huge positive difference. 


    I don't see the point in not placing some large part of the blame on BV (and subsequently the FO) ... the players didn't play well, were injured as nauseum, but Bobby kicked the legs out from under them all.  I can tell you the same team I was on in HS was talented before we got a "kick you in the butt" coach - and went from losing only 1 game to winning only 3 the next 2 seasons.  Got a new coach in SR year and lost only to the state champs.  Matter of fact, lost only 2 games in three seasons ... Coaches coach and players play ... but lousy coaches screw up good players.

    I was more than willing to give BV a chance.   But my gosh he sure screwed up things.

    Now I'm positive I'll be cheering for the Sox no matter what.  Naps, the Flyin' Hawaiian and and all!  Ells, Lackey and Lava and Nava and Salty ... all of 'em ....

    I'm looking for a WS win ... always do.  I don't give a dadgum if we miss it, I'll be supporting the guys no matter what.  Will I accept everything?  No.  But I will be positive about it ... I've even gotten over most of my anger at whiny Red Sox fans.  I'm positive there is no help for them.  They need to look at life a different way.  Some just can't help themselves ... they probably think their new-born child was the ugliest thing they have ever witnessed. 

    WAR, UZR, OPS, WHIP, W-L, ERA, BA, Slugging, OBP, BABIP .... James, Beane, ....

    All just ways to make a negative if ya want ...

    I choose to be positive ...

        I can't understrand the need to be negative against your own team ... that's what the Yanquis are for, Buck Showalter, the BJs, the Rays, the Lakers .... oops slipped over ...


      Analyze?  Yeah

      Critisize?  I'm positive there is plenty of that already. 


    You are a great fan.

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    Re: Hapiness Brigade marches on....

    dont the players have themselves to blame for valentine's hiring?

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    Re: Hapiness Brigade marches on....

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    Why do you people spend so much time responding to Selenium/Pike, whoever?  The hijacking of the thread is not Pike posting 5-6 times, it is the 5-6 people responding to each post, adding another 30 useless responses.

    Just use the ignore button.


    i agree...




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    Re: Hapiness Brigade marches on....

    In response to georom4's comment:

    dont the players have themselves to blame for valentine's hiring?

    They are absolutely at least culpable for Francona's dismissal.  I would not blame them for hiring Valentine himself, and the Traveling Ego show he has always brought with him.  But they are responsible for creating the vacancy at the postion.


    Valentine may have been brought is to be a "hardliner" and restore order, but if that was the case, I would argue he is and always was the wrong guy, and there were far better options that were available, such as John Gibbons.    Yopu can argue that Gibbons is not the tactician that Valentine is, which is a fair point, but I would say Gibbons has been a stronger clubhouse presence capable of keeping players in line and is better than Valentine in this regard.


    Really, however, the hiring of any sort of hardliner was the mistake itself.  It could create too divisive of an atmosphere in the clubhouse.  These are all grown men.  Just get a baseball guy and move on, if you have to dismiss Francona.  Atlanta collpased similarly in 2011, did not even change managers, and made the post-season in 2012...

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    Re: Hapiness Brigade marches on....

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    dont the players have themselves to blame for valentine's hiring?

    Yeah, I wouldn't mind throwing thaqt in their faces a little.  Had they won two more games, Valentine's name never even enters the equation.

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    Re: Hapiness Brigade marches on....


    I understand that both the Red Sox and Braves had an ugly Sept collapse. 

    But how about the 2012 Texas Rangers?  They had a 5-game lead over Oakland with only 9 games to go and blew it by getting swept by the A's. 



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