Head to head record.

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    Head to head record.

    The fact that the Sox took 2/3 from TEX at home this week has me thinking that if they make it to the playoffs relatively intact, then they might stand a fighting chance even against the AL powerhouses. It got me wondering what their head-to-head record has been so far this year with the other AL teams. Here it is, in descending order of best overall record to worst.

    v. TEX – 2-4

    v. OAK – 2-1

    v. NYY – 4-2

    v. DET – 0-0

    v. BAL – 1-2

    v. TB – 5-1

    v. CLE – 6-1

    v. MIN – 4-3

    v. KC – 1-2

    v. LAA – 0-0

    v. CWS – 1-2

    v. TOR – 5-4

    v. HOU – 4-1

    I'm pretty sure that by the end of the season these Sox will have winning records against KC, CWS and probably BAL. Detroit remains the big test, and Texas could really be a thorn in our side. And of course there are a lot of games left against the Yanks.

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    Re: Head to head record.

    West coast trips are usually bad for us too. But overall, weve looked good against some tougher teams.