How about Justin Smoak?

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    Re: How about Justin Smoak?

    In response to tom-uk's comment:

    Former or Current Sox -  I count 7 in the > 100 point drop club

    OPS     minors               bigs

    SMOAK   .849             .643

    Plantier   .895               .770

    Youk    .884                 .867

    Lansford  .884             .753

    Vaughn   .869              .906

    Bragg    ~.850 (PCL)    .721                

    Pedroia   .844              .830

    Reddick   .832              .745

    F. Sanchez  .828           .748

    Nomar    .828                .882

    Salty      .823               .720

    Greenwell  .820           .831

    Ellsbury   .816              .791   

    O'Leary  .815              .780


    Quintana  .813    .711 (I can't even remember this guy, oh I was in College)    

    Nixon     .812                 .828

    Boggs    .798                 .858

    Allenson    .796              .632

    Hanley R.    .787            .866

    Miller          .784              .696

    Naehring    .774             .785

    Cooper      .773              .723

    Gedman    .765              .703

    Stapelton  .755               .707

    Murphy    .750                .801

    Lyons      .749                 .642

    Burks    .728                   .874

    Hobson  .790                  .719

    Valentin  .700                 .814

    Hoffman  .685                .623

    LOL on your comment about being in college.

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    Re: How about Justin Smoak?

    In response to Leftfielder61's comment:

    Saw his name mentioned in the BoSox banter blog. He is only 26, A former 1st round draft pick, a switch hitter with power and not eligible for free agency until 2017.

    The Mariners have Kendry Morales, Jesus Montero and Raul Ibanez so he could be available cheap. I am thinking we could offer them a bullpen arm like Mortenson, Brittan or Alex Wilson.

    Is he is worth a look?


    Have to agree. Still young would be a good complement to Napoli, a good glove and late game defensive replacement. Highly regarded prospect coming up who has been stuck in Safeco the last few years who might blossom getting out of that park. Not a bad idea at all, but is he really available. Of the guys you mention, most would seem to be DH's at this point. Maybe Morales could play 1st but not sure if leg is up to it everyday? Montero C/DH Ibanez OF/DH maybe Montero could become 1b not sure how good defensively.