How about this trade?

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    Re: How about this trade?

    Perosnally i like Masterson and Cabrera....and considering Ells injury history and his upcoming free agnecy with Boras as his agent, the OP's original deal is not as outrageous as some are making it....

    Value-wise, it is not terrible.  The OP's biggest was falling into RS-bash-mode but calling Buchholz a headcase for no reason.

    The problem isn't so much the value as the fit.  He is suggesting that we sign Bourn to a long-term contract, even though JBJ is one year away.  So he wants to spend $14M a year for Bourn and leave JBJ on the bench for 5-6 years?

    Even if the only thing he did was Ellsbury for Cabrera, it still doesn't do a lot for us.  the value works, but there wouldn't be enough of an upgrade at SS to make up for the loss in CF.

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    Re: How about this trade?

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    red sox would be getting ripped off....

    I don't think so. Ells is oft injured and in contract year. Buch is a head case.

    Over the past 4 years, Masterson is 33-48 with a 4.29, while Buchholz is 41-22 with a 3.62.

    That may be, but we know that Buchholz has a back issue and Materson is very duarable and will likely outlast him.

    Buchholz has better stuff I agree. However, we just don't know when he will break down again.