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    how BV +ACEVES approached their issue is another STRUCTURAL dysfunction example?

    "when Aceves -- apparently upset at being passed over for a save opportunity Friday night -- stormed into Valentine's office. According to a source, Aceves demanded a meeting with Cherington, but was told that was not possible at the moment because Cherington was in the midst of trade negotiations with the Dodgers."

    "Aceves slammed the office door loudly upon his departure."

    first of, bv should have channeled his inner TITO by telling ace beforehand that if it were a one run game or save situation, he may go with bailey depending on how things develop. another failure to communcate and being tone-deaf to his reality and the personalities.

    ace is also tone deaf and symptomatic of the total lack of accountability and cluelessness on this team. ace has a background of being a clubhouse cancer guy. this doesnt help his rep going forward. the guy is 0-2 and has a 10.24 era with HRS allowed (more than the first 4 months combined). the bigger issue is he felt comfortable demanding to see the GM on his timeframe, without an appointment or anything. i want it, so give it to me or i'll hold my breath and slam the door and pout indefinitely.

    can you imagine ANY patriot player doing this? that shows total disrespect for the manager and a total lack of a coherent chain of command. the GM should have made it clear before the season (at spring training and in writing) that they do not get involved in that kind of stuff. bv is the discipline dictator and thats it. you can request a meeting with bv in the room if you want to appeal a process issue. should be communicated they are not going to ever overrule the manager... period!

    ace should have first been required and had the instinct to go to bv in a calm respectable manner and requested a private meeting. then, made it clear he would have appreciated a heads-up on a benching (temporary or not). ace likes to get back in there after being bombed, there seems to have been some implied consent on that isssue. the tone-deafnesss on ace's part is that he ignored the reality of bailey being back and that he was just a glorified placeholder.

    again, i blame both guys. bv will have to go thru a player sensitivity and communication course if he is to return taught by tito or we may have to go in a different direction. this has happened way too much this year! i will assume ace wouldnt demand from BC that he be the closer but that he felt DISRESPECTED by BV's approach to his demotion (a common theme by many in that clubhouse)!

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    Re: how BV +ACEVES approached their issue is another STRUCTURAL dysfunction example?

    Lol out how you make Aceve's inflated ego look even a little bit like Bobby Valentines fault. Aceves blew the save the night before (for like the 7th time this year), and the only reason he's closing games is because Bailey was injured.

    I'm saying that and I don't even like Valentine.