how could Yanks bench NUNEZ for JETER right now? have you seen their record with him at SS lately+how he's hitting? could DJ accept a utility role?

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    the commy half kids of course.. but seems to me that u dont want to interrupt this chemistry right now. DJ coming today in means you change the batting lineup all over again and risk a momentum stoppage. i say ease him in off the bench, some pinch hitting or pinch running here and there for about a week then roll with it after a couple of productive spot starts in the 9 hole!


     pinch running here and there



    great idea

    it's not like it's his legs that have been keeping him off the field all this time

    do feel bad for nunez though after finally getting his chance this yr

    he spent way to much time on the DL to capitalize on it



    congrats to the sox for a great road trip

    rays / sox should be a great race to watch the rest of the way

    my man bud selig only made it that much better by adding the 2 nd WC

    so no one plays it safe anymore