how soon before BAILEY is the CLOSA?

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    Re: how soon before BAILEY is the CLOSA?

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    he looks like the guy we traded the jed lowrie for. expected and invested a lot. hanrahan reminds me a lot of bibby jenks in his demeanor and girth. the knock on him was that he had frequent bouts of wildness. now in pitt that can b overlooked in boston and the al, that can b a killa.. teams will just wait u out, umps will just wait u out. hitters will force u into a meatball or 2. he will b lights out in his next 2 apps.. the issue reallly is how long can he go between stinkers! hope its long but wouldnt shock me that if by the all star break, by design or default (injury), he's outta there..

    Not as fast as it took you to start crying............Dam ! What is wrong with people. Hope you don't have kids..... Grow up !!!!

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    Re: how soon before BAILEY is the CLOSA?

    What's not to understand about the Hanrahan deal? We had no closer going into 2013. Bailey had been out most of 2012, and performed poorly when he was there. Hanrahan had 36 saves in '12, 40 in '11. He pitched almost 70 innings in 2010 and again in 2011. He pitched almost 60 innings in 2012. His era those three years were 3.63, 1.83, 2.72. 

    Bullpen depth is critical. Especially since our rotation is a bit suspect. Hanrahan projects to be an excellent piece of the bullpen. And what did we give up? Pieces we knew we weren't going to use:

    Stolmy PimentelIvan De JesusMark Melancon and Jerry Sands.