I always liked Reddick

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    I always liked Reddick

    Amazing what he's doing right now cause I thought he'd never get another shot after the other times he was brought up over past few seasons. He looks like hes locked in and making the most, I would really hate to see him traded..

    Why not see how it unfolds during the season and then grab a FA in off-season..

    I get the feeling he's gonna be dealt
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    Re: I always liked Reddick

    Hes always adjusted and progressed at every level..I think, as I always have, That Josh is a 280 hitter with 20+ hr and solid defense..Hes going to come back down to earth, but IMO, not as much as some would think. His pitch recognition has improved immensely which was the last part of his development..I believe he should be the starting RF'r until he gives them a reason not to be..