In all seriousness, I really do get it.  The market sucks!  We are WAY overpaying for mediocre players....  WAY overpaying!!!  BUT....  The good news is, these turkeys will not be around for long.  Short 1, 2 & 3 year contracts.  I guess that's the change.  HOPE & CHANGE!  Heavy on the HOPE!  Still, the market sucks!  There aren't many quality second tier guys out there.  The big move I still don't get???  DREW???   I guess he's decent at SS, & he gains us, what???  .25 - .35 on Iggy????  Who is clearly the better SS.  Now, I'm hardly an Iggy fan, but WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF????  10 MILLION for this turkey?  As though the family hasn't suffered the slings & arrows of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE in Boston already.  OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE!!!!  Here we go again with a dud Drew.......  Are you kidding me???  The other signings I can live with, but this is simply a BRIDGE TOOOO FAR!


Having said all this, I still get it.  The market blows!  We take what we can get.  We plug the holes.  Live to fight another day, & don't re-mortgage our future.  Ok ok ok..... I get it.  I guess the Sox have me by the shorts anyway, as I will still live & die on every pitch & at bat.  I'm still hoping for the best, DESPERATELY PRAYING for major over-achievement!!!!!!  


In the end, I feel like I've come home to the real Red Sox.  The ones I've known for 50 years...  We'll get 'em next year!  Hope beyond hope!  We can still do this!!!!  A tad bit uninspired, but I kind of like being back to those "loveable" losers, who just might pull one out this next year.  At least they will certainly be more LOVEABLE this coming year!!!!!


I CAN'T WAIT FOR 2013 MLB!  This will be the Red Sox year!!!!   :)


p.s.   For the uninitiated.......   YES!  One can b itch like hell and still be the biggest REAL Red Sox fan on the planet.  :)  Get over it  :)