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I miss......

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    Re: I miss......

    In response to prknsdnld's comment:

    ...Smiley, Kim and all those who spent all that time making this board enjoyable all season long. But the season really isn't over if they just fade away due to the disappointment of their team's season. If the Sox were playoff bound, Smiley would be here, foaming at the mouth about the Yanks sucking and how no team has won it all with a 38 year old shortstop, Kim would be chasing people off the board for mentioning any team other than the Sox and the rest would be offering entertaining comments pertaining to said diatribe.

     But there is nothing but an eerie silence. Not even a goodbye, have a nice winter, or anything. Nothing. Just that eerie silence.

    And this thread makes you as ridiculous as they are.


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    Re: I miss......

    prknsdnld the issue is two fold the year the RS had and the changes in this forum came at the wrong time. I left because half the time the stuff did not work right. It seems a bit better now. As for the posting it just got sickening where people had nothing positive to say and when you posted anything many times you got the same idiocy like you did with your post from ThefourBs. No substance just calling people an idiot, fool, ridiculous, etc... They have nothing to say and probably sit in Mom's basement posting the same type coments on various forums.

    NO SUBSTANCE just soory little boys


    BTW it will be an interesting winter IMHO.

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