I was at AT& T park today...

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    I was at AT& T park today...

    If I were not so upset about the loss last night, I'd felt sorry for the Giants. Sell out crowd of 41,500 and most were still there at 6-1 but after we put up 5 about 1/2 the crowd left. AT&T and Fenway are my 2 favorite parks and I would guesstimate that at least 25% of the fans were ones relocated here from New England as have I for 40 years, working here or as I talked to many, they came for a week and now are heading to LA.

    Good thing we didn't need Napoli who relieved Papi(who also didn't shine) who struck out with the bases loaded and then hit into a double play. In LA we need some production from Papi and Napoli. Today when we were up 6-1 and then also 11-1 is when Farrell should use the 2 horrendous pitchers he did in the 7-9th innings last night but in a mop up situation like today.

    Again, the thrashing was so severe I was getting almost bored. It shows that runs per game are not a tremendous stat as we scored 21 in 3 games & they 4 so ave per game for us was 7.00  and Giants 1.333 yet we didn't sweep. Hope we can also take 2 out of 3 in LA but we may need be happy with 1 out of 3 for a 3-3 split on the coast.

    Are we the only team Toronto can beat  as Rays and Yankees  have dominated them. But we are back in 1st place with the Orioles beating the Rays 4-3 but those damned Yankees are very hot & Soriano is one of the main reasons. We should have picked him up. Too bad he couldn't play 1st and Napoli could sit out the season.

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    Re: I was at AT& T park today...

    Their pitching is putrid. The Reds set a record for runs scored by an opponent in a four game series there last month. That's what makes Tues. night so infuriating. Should have swept easy. But don't feel TOO sorry for them, they have two WS the past three years, and they came back from 0-2 to beat the Reds last year when the Reds were a wholly superior team in every measurable way. That does not make me happy, so I don't feel for them like you do as a resident out there. In fact, I'd say that if Brandon Phillips hadn't have made the bonehead play of trying to go from first to third on a wild pitch in the first inning, he would have scored there, the Reds would have won game three and none of that would have happened last year. They also caught a huge break with the injury to Cueto. That upset the entire Cincinnati rotation at the last possible second, and opened the door for what happened in games 4 and 5. No injury to Cueto, no championship for SF.


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    Re: I was at AT& T park today...


    By the way I want to say that I am proud of our team after that deflating loss last night. So many of our fans in posts/chat room were devastated so I  expect the players felt worse but they showed a lot of heart today & I hope the momentum carries us too in So.Cal.

    Incidently, previous 2 posters, my feeling sorry for the Giants was tongue & cheek as I said I was furious with the loss last night---we should have swept this team. If they were the Yankees, Rays or Orioles I'd been happy with a pour it on...20-1 score. But after 6-1 and I know it was not an insurmountable lead but at 11-1 I would not have any joy, and it has nothing to do with the Giants, watching them score more runs when last night after our 2-0 I was frustratingly begged for 2-3 more runs. 


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    Re: I was at AT& T park today...

    I was happy  they won 2 of 3 games in SF after flying out west Monday AM. You've made a flight out there so you know day 1 you are wide awake for the day and still on east coast time.

    Day 2 is the day you have to make the adjustment. This I think would be true for the players  and, you may not think it, but also the coaches. You're thinking differently--maybe not thinking as clearly. It doesn't surprise me JF made some of the choices he did  Tues. night.

    Cut him some slack--he was back on his game today.

    It will be interesting to see how the Dodgers do Sat afternoon --after flying back to LA from Miami Thursday--probably getting into LA  about midnight or early Fri. I would be thrilled with 2 of 3--not totally disappointed with a 3-3 trip.

    The Yankees play the Rays in Tampa this weekend--one of these two hot teams will be cooled off.

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    Re: I was at AT& T park today...

    Game #2 no excuse for the manager to pull a retardo move and bring in a guy with known wildness issues in a situation where throwing strikes was important. As for Morales he's toast! They need to bring up RRS.

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    Re: I was at AT& T park today...

    Never been, but that park looks stunningly beautiful when the camera pans back.  Wow.

    I went to Candlestick a looong time ago, and what a difference.  

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    Re: I was at AT& T park today...


    We were in SF for the monday+ tuesday games.  It seemed like as many Sox fans as SF fans.

    Farrell blew tuesdays game...without a doubt.  Although we had a million chances to score earlier, but didn't.

    Although the park is beautiful(our 2nd time here), getting to the seats is very difficult...signs, directions etc.  And, getting out of the park after the game is unbelievable.  If anyone yelled 'fire', the stampede would have been disastrous.....narrow, funnelled exits.

    Safeco, by FAR, is a much better designed park.

    No offense to you SF fans, but just the way it is.