I wonder if......

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    I wonder if......

    Detroit fans on a Tigers board are clamoring for the Tigers FO to trade Verlander. 3.99 ERA, 1.4+ WHIP and 107 ERA+. You can bet if he was a part of the Red Sox and pitching like that after 4 straight years of being among baseballs best pitchers idiots on this board would call for him to be cut.

    i don't mind negative fans, it's the dumb ones that get to me. If you're not high on a player then feel free present your case with facts. Don't whine and cry about them whilist using no (or just flat out inaccurate) data. You've got the answer to virtually ANY question at your fingertips and it takes google .31 seconds to pull up 347 MILLION results on any given subject. If you don't take the time to do a bit of research so you don't sound ignorant then don't expect anyone else to give you proper respect or take you seriously at all. At the very least use your brain and put some thought into a post before you start typing and read it over before you hit "add your post". The result will be a more productive board with more intelligent conversations going on and less confrontation.

    whether I agree or disagree with their views i can still respect a poster as long as they bother to put some effort into the debate. Saying "so&so STINKS" when the numbers clearly dictate otherwise or "prospect A" outranks "established MLB player B" in every category when that is not the case (If it was, then that prospect would be in the MLB no?). Or calling for a midseason trade of one of our best players (WHILE we sit atop the ALE) with no viable replacement on the horizon. Posts like this drive me batty! but i guess that's why they say "common sense ain't all that common". So please guys, let's try to better the board and more importantly better ourselves.

    Stop the spread of misinformation and stupidity!

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    Re: I wonder if......

    In response to BurritoT-'s comment:

    Verlander is entitled to an off year....  where do those posters think there team would be without him?

    i'm glad you said that.. Pedroia had a down year last season and some posters were talking about trading him, getting a haul and going into full blown rebuild mode.