I preface this post by saying I was long-hopeful that the Sox would be able to retain Ellsbury's services, but I have changed my stance. I simply don't think he is worth the money he will command. He has had one elite season, but he will be paid as if he is a perennial all-star. I started scanning through teams who I thought would be the best fit for him long-term (and likely to sign extension with) and had the package to offer. I have found that team.

The San Francisco Giants.

The Giants have repeatedly struggled with offense in the past few years and they have little speed in their lineup. They also have a dearth of pitching - our weakness. With Crawford locked up and plenty of outfield options, the Sox would be wise to deal Ellsbury for pitching. San Francisco represents a team who may be willing to move one of their pitchers to add offense. They also represent a team who would be able to sign Ellsbury long term. He is a west coast kid so he should feel at home.

Ellsbury, Lars Anderson, and Junichi Tazawa for Madison Bumgarner.

Bumgarner is signed to a contract similar to that of Lester & Buchholz. 6 Year, 35 M with two option years.

They at least listen to this right? Or do they hang up instantly?