Iggy not in lineup

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    Iggy not in lineup

    It figures that pitching and defense will win out tonite,. Leyland who failed to use Coke against Papi has decided Peralta is the SS. Goes against the theme of defense can win games. Hopefully,this will open the door for a RS victory.

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    Re: Iggy not in lineup

    In response to RedSoxFireman's comment:

    Agreed, but Peralta won't be resigned by the Tigers to play SS, next year. Tigers will be looking to trade for or sign a proven veteran slugging corner OF'er. 

    Iglesias has a 1.000 OPS against Lackey. 

    Manager Jim's incompetent. Not hard to get to the playoffs from the central, with a massive payroll. His Ortiz decison and later mistake admission were just one of many incompetent decisions he made to blow Game 2. 

    It's ok D1ckhead......maybe your dream will come true and Detroit will win.....