I'm outta here

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    Re: I'm outta here

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    I pretty much left this place 2 years ago... softlaw is literally one of the most disgusting human beings I have ever come accross and his mental illness and hateful personality destroyed this once great forum




    I was thinking recently about rameakap.....good guy, smart guy, valued poster IMO and wondered what happened to him.

    He's right.  Either Stiffy is a serious poster (and lawyer - with loads of free time from 9-5! - , with a giant gold hoard, etc.) and a seriously damaged, vile human being.....or he is putting it on which means he is a seriously damaged human being.  I rarely interact with him anymore....it's just too boring as I think he's obviously a phony.   Snake is El Jefe....it kills me to see how easily he can get under Stiffy's skin.

    But that said, I value Stiffy's presence infinitely more than Pike's.  Stiffy isn't completely witless, and while he has never demontrated even a rudimentary sense of humour...he's a cute figure of fun to laugh at.  Pike adds no value, ever....






    rame still posts on the celtics board...

    Softy is a fraud no doubt. He doesn't mean what he is saying. That is why he doesnt anger me in any sense. I just enjoy messing with him. It usually takes me about three posts to get him all wound up.

    No one here is worth getting angry about in my opinion.

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    Re: I'm outta here

    i see carnie posted already.

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