Importance of Ellsbury

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    Re: Importance of Ellsbury

    As if I needed more of a reason to feel sorry for Softred.  But, if you can't enjoy what Ells is doing these days, you gotta be a miserable person, or at least a miserable baseball fan.
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    Re: Importance of Ellsbury

    In Response to Re: Importance of Ellsbury:
    [QUOTE]No, it's early June. Mid June is June 15. I have a dog who would eat your cat.
    Posted by betterredthandead[/QUOTE]

    Who wakes up at 1:00 a.m. & starts obsessively posting about this??????

    It's more than weird!

    1:00 - 5:00 a.m.   Troll posting! 

    Desperately hoping that Ells., THE BEST LEADOFF HITTER IN THE MLB, will go into some type of slump, thus fulfilling betterdead's prophecy!   Can you say...
    "baseball god complex?"

    This is too much fun!!!!   :)

    Ells. is literally waking this guy up in the middle of the night!   :)

    This is the best "2 for" I've ever had!!!!!!!

    #1   Ells being the BEST MLB leadoff hitter! :)   :) 

    #2   Watching Betterdead lose his freakin mind :)
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    Re: Importance of Ellsbury

    but I think taking up the issue of someone's sexuality

    Since when did I take issue with your sexuality? You said "did someone steal your dog". I said, did someone steal your boyfriend. Is your sexuality male or female?
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    Re: Importance of Ellsbury

    lol come on man, thats not how it went down.

    I asked you if Ellsbury ran over your dog,  not did he steal your dog.  You asked me if someone stole my boyfriend, dice-k.  Seeing how my name is a males name (Hugh) and I have a picture which clearly shows my facial hair, it's pretty easy to tell I'm a yes you implied that I was a homosexual.

    For the record I'am not a homosexual, but i think there is nothing wrong with it and have friends who are so I find the suggestion that someone may be gay in an attempt to tease or make fun of them degrading to homosexuals and please don't use that kind of language in here again.