. . . so consider Stephen Drew, who signed some months ago to be the Sox everyday SS and help restore the franchise to its winning ways of the dozen or so seasons before 2012. 

Then comes the concussion, and enough downtime to allow Iglesias to start the first 7 games of the new season at SS in which he is nothing less than superb and, more importantly, the Sox go 5-2, including 4-2 on a road trip, which is a far cry from the starts of 2011 and 2012.  For all any of us know, this apparent tranformation is due to Iglesias's brilliance--or not. 

The problem for Drew is going to be if both of the following occur:  the Sox stop winning; he doesn't hit that well and his fielding is only so-so and includes 2 or 3 early errors (Iglesias was errorless).  If he plays well, he'll be fine, regardless of game results.  If the Sox keep winning, it will buy Drew time even if he starts slowly.