i ought to emphasize "allegedly" but its such an open secret as to be pretty laughable. its sad that the "mainstream" media acts like the big fat elephant in the room doesnt exist as they refuse to comment on it as to not ruffle feathers, toes or their precious access. thank gawd for twitter and the alt press.

of course its a big deal and could cloud one's judgment. u think the playas arent talking about it in the clubhouse+in the locker room? how the heck did they all meet, was it calculated? its a story regardless of how one wants to spin it. when your beat reporter is "allegedly" living in the same home with a guy she's reporting on or his team, thats a story. frankly, she should have been ex-"reporter" the first tme this was brought to light. no way no how is the Dell returning next season (like the watney before her, she'll b banished far away to a desk job with limited playa interaction).. just cant have that.

its ultimately a choice one makes (employment or "lust")... be it a male or female"... it gets icky! on twitter, brought it up earlier in the year with Ms. Watney when we were both being candid (with her going off on morality, i know her brother Nick) and her response was "u live and learn, and that its a road she would avoid in the future thanks to the even stronger support of her FAITH (big into the whole Jesus thing).. then we moved on.. she never unfollowed or blocked me or threw a tidsy.

she grasps that unfortunately on the down low that its part of her record and part of what may b holding her back inevitably to the likes of her clear lessers such as an Erin Andrews. Once u go down that road, one's long term credibility and risk factor never quite returns. making decisions from solely the heart and the gut be it to go into Iraq or violate a clear rule is never a way to endear oneself to one's overlogical corporate overlords.

back to to Jenny. mentioned it in response to a couple of my twitter peeps @imagydBoston. funny how Dell had a sense of humor about it esp when after someone retweeted Dell's tweet about "Chritamas is the time of the year to go beyond the gifts and remember the most precious things and peeps in our lives are the things that cant b bought blla bla".. i responded with ".. or in the Red Sox clubhouse, dugout or hmmmm... maybe at third base)...

it is what it is, i'm not going to act like there's no elephant in da roooom! i assume middy got ahold of that for he BLOCKED me immediately from his tweets before i could further congratulate him for being such a lucky guy.. methinks he protests way too strongly.. ha! this will not end well! not everyone is going to bury their heads in the sand. imagine them taking that act on the road if she stays with NESN.. ha!

bottom line is that i like both da watney and the dell.. but this kind of boorish behavior undermines all women everywhere and plays to the worse male stereotypes about working gals esp those who have to go into lockerrooms. i think of the lisa olsens of the world from the old Patriot bad days. these fems must look at things from a bigger pic than just themselves before taking such PUBLIC actions. not just about them. one thing to do it on the down low, quite anotha to come out as a lifestlyle.. very icky!