Instant Replay

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    Re: Instant Replay


    All of us Red Sox fans deserve to see a replay of how Valentine got fired.   lol

    I wonder how Red Sox management addressed the news to Valentine.

    "We will discontinue our professional relationship.  Thank you and best of luck."


    "Pack your bags and get your %*&^#$ out of here."


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    Re: Instant Replay

    Not in favor of instant replay being used to overturn a field call.  Where does it stop?  When the entire game is umpired by cameras?

    Umpires are human and will make mistakes.  Take the human element out of it and you may as well play a video game.

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    Re: Instant Replay

    In response to Hfxsoxnut's comment:


    The judgment only applies on fan interference.  If the ball bounces into the stands it's automatically two bases. 


    I'm sure U R right nut

    it must have been either fan interference

    or maybe the ball was effected by some type of a obstacle

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    Re: Instant Replay

    Maybe it could be used for batters taking forever to get out of the way after bunting, thus interfering with the catcher and changing the whole damn series on one play.

    Damn you, Larry Barnett.



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    Re: Instant Replay


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    Re: Instant Replay

    i want spy tv cameras in the dugout wherever beckett plays.....thats got to be the the greatest show on earth....