Is AGon playing hurt?

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    Re: Is AGon playing hurt?

    Interesting! I had the same thought about Middlebrooks on that hit. BV should be in his face after that one!

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    [QUOTE]AGone only has a 7 year deal but still, as I said, too risky....They could have given him 6/120 given the surpluss of (better) 1B available in this same FA year (simple supply and demand). Anyways, I've been yelling at Adrian to hustle down the line all season.  When you see your "best" and highest paid player dogging it in the middle of a slump it can really bring down the mood of your team and make your guys accept defeat.  The opposite is true to see a guy who is struggling trying to get an IF hit.....And if he does beat one out or force an E it can really wake a team up and others can follow the more positive example.....Anyone else think Middlebrooks could have cost us the game last night by dogging it down the line????????  Monkey See, Monkey Do........Just ask Lester!!!!!!
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    Re: Is AGon playing hurt?


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    Re: Is AGon playing hurt?

    Yes, and it's time he went on the Dl. Bring up the guy from Pawtucket (Gomez). Now is a good time, since we are facing three straight lefties starting tonight. (Maybe let the har hitting catcher from Harvar come along as well. (Before the team catchers can set a SO record)
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