is Boras done?

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    is Boras done?

    Lots of guys at his Miami Lakes 'camp' unsigned, maybe its over for him.

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    Re: is Boras done?

    is Boras done?


    is JZ going to take white guys


    IDK does the fact that santana is still out there

    make it harder to blame boras 4 drew and morales

    if we assume he told those guys to decline the QO's

    then yes it appears that was bad ADVICE

    truth is he got bit by the new comp system last yr 2

    with bourn, lohse and soriano

    then again who can knock the 7 yr deals he got 4 johnny jr & choo this yr


    I'm thinking  boras image has taken a hit but he's still at the top

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    Re: is Boras done?

    You can't win em all, Boras overall has a great reputation.  He will learn from the market this year, and it will change his strategy in the future.  

    two clients out of work is not going to bring down the Boras Corporation.

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    Re: is Boras done?

    Boras job is to advise, the player is to make final decision. Both know the system before they turned down the QO's. Boras if doing his job correctly should be telling the players most affected by compensation picks, that accepting a 14.1 mil [1] yr contract is not such a hardship. How much $ did Vtek lose by declining? Players can go to arbitration and get handed these incredible increases in pay and owners have complained for yrs about the system. But now because comp picks attached to certain players and teams are tripping over one another to hand huge contracts to - the system is rigged? - give me a break.

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    Re: is Boras done?


    Speaking of Boras, does anyone know how much he makes per contract?  5%?  10%?