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Is Iggy the next....

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    Re: Is Iggy the next....

    I don't see Iggy going anywhere. The Sox have a great future young infield nucleus if Middlebrooks can figure out what ails his hitting and Iggy contnues to look improved at the plate. Napoli's most likely gone after this year, possibly moving Middy to first, Iggy to SS or 3B with Boggy at either SS or 3B. With that trio the Sox should be set in the infield for a number of seasons. Drew is the odd man out of the mix, as much as I thought he would eventually work out. The Sox need to get something in trade value for Drew but will have to eat a huge chunk of his salary.   


    Just my extremely ignorant, conservatively liberal, all knowing, pervasive, practically meaningless and but extremely intellectual points of view.


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    Re: Is Iggy the next....

    In response to makonikyman's comment:

    Ozzie Smith......or.....Ted Cox ?  My guess is he will be a 240/260 hitter, be in the running for a gold glove, or 2 or 3. But if the front office believes that Boggy is the SS of the future, then there isn't a better time to look to move Iggy in the off season while his value is at a high ( maybe in a package for Stanton ) like they did in 78 to acquire Eck...just a thought...

    I'd rather he be the first Jose Iglesias then the 'next' anybody.