As of sunday morning the Sox stand behind seven teams for a spot in the playoff's. Now I would think that the Sox will pass the Orioles, Indians, White Sox when Crawford, Ellsbury and Bailey get back and can contribute as they should.
So the Sox will have to jump over one team to make the playoff's. But are they capable of beating the Ray's or Angels?
Let's assume the Yankee's, Ranger's and Tiger's win their divisions[I know the Tiger's are not in first or playing well, but in that division you would think they will still win, so the Sos will have to beat either the Angel's or Ray's for that final spot. With the Angel's they have seemed to have finally turned the corner and are now playing like everyone thought they would, and with the Ray's and their great starting pitching, it will be difficult for the Sox,  but they seem capable, espically with Crawford, Ellsbury and Bailey getting healthy.
Now the question would seem to be, will any or all three be differences makers?
Look if Crawford plays like last year, is he really a upgrade from Nava or anyone else? Will Ellsbury be as productive as he was last year? You would think so, but he is always a injury away from extended time on the disabled list, and Bailey will he be any better than what the Sox already have?
You would think getting back three player's like those three would put you into contention[actually could put the Sox into a position to actually win the  east], but is that a good possibilty? Just getting back those three should make the Sox better, but the Angel's and Ray's, and yes the Yankee's are still ahead of the Sox, and will probably go out and make some moves to improve their own teams.
So do the Sox actually have what it takes to overcome those teams, and will the Sox FO do anything to help?