Is Lowrie Hurt?

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    Re: Is Lowrie Hurt?

    As I sit here and read all this wonderful critiques about lowrie... " He is second rate at best".. " He is only a .261 hitter"... "He is fragile"... "He is butchering the SS position"  one thing comes to mind for me..... 

    How many people each of you critics know that are absolutely trashing your inept, inabilities as much as you think you can trash his.  As a second stringer that makes him about 10X as good as those of you that are average at your job.  SO have at it.... let the guy have it whenever he makes a mistake, but next time you are behind the front counter remember to ask those works " Can I Make that a large fry for you?".... because it relationship to the quality of work he performs that is exactly what you are....  Everyone around you is second guessing your ineptitude with every decision you make.
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    Re: Is Lowrie Hurt?

    Lowrie could use a DL visit for his shoulder and we could use a two week concentrated look at Iggy. In Cafardo's col. today there was a hint that the overall team hitting is improving and we could afford, at this time, a hitter that may not produce great numbers but may prevent some runs from scoring.
    What say you?
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    Re: Is Lowrie Hurt?

    He missed a couple with a shoulder injury, but should be good to go forward...that's baseball
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    Re: Is Lowrie Hurt?

    Ellsbury is also what his career metric averages say he is, which is why the late 2007 euphoria is reblooming currently in what is not representative of what Ellsbury really is over the big sample. 

    .295/.349/.416/.765 career at age 27. (.340 OBP batting in the 1 slot)

    Crawford would leadoff, and Kemp is twice the price and is going to be a FA sooner than Bellsbury, MoonSlo. I don't think anyone is submiting that a trade is done today, read the post, childish named calling droning moron!

    Try making sense and setting an example for today's "morally corrupt" society.

    For years and year we have heard you drone on and on about Jacoby's OBP being too low for the lead off slot on this team; now, you submit we put CC there:


    Yes, those are career numbers that include 2 more prime years factored in than Jacoby has. His career OBP batting in the 1 slot in 1728 PAs: .319.

    What's "moronic" is wanting to replace a career .349 OBP guy with a .335 guy, and using your favorite stat: OBP as a leadoff batter: a .340 guy entering his prime with a .319 guy 2 years into his prime and nearing his "decline years".

    Anyone who uses career stats only for players with less than 3 full year's worth of PAs to judge what they will do their whole career is living in a dream world. The vast majority of players advance and improve after 3 or 4 years in the league and as they reach 27-32.

    Even including Jacoby's injury-effected PAs of 2010, his numbers from 2009 to today are showing vast improvement. There is no reason to think his numbers until he reaches free agency at age 30 will be closer to his career numbers thus far rather than his more recent numbers.

    .297/.351/.418/.769 (wOBP .353)
    1063 PAs is a significant sample size and includes his 2010 numbers.

    Most baseball experts recognize the existence of players performing better in their prime years than their first few years. You miss the boat.

    The "deal" you suggest is giving up 1 more year of Jacoby's prime and possibly 2 draft picks when he walks, plus a valuable utility IF'er, so we can put a lower OBP up first (Crawford), get one less year from Kemp and at a  likely $9+M. The money differential per season is likely to be about $5M, meaning the overall deal would look like this:

    2 years of Jacoby
    3 years of Lowrie
    2 less draft picks (plus a possible pick for Jed)
    about $5M less to spend on a quality player in 2012.
    1 year of Kemp.

    Brilliant, clown; you have outdone yourself (not an easy task).