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Is Mitch Moreland available?

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    Is Mitch Moreland available?

    Since Sox are looking for a left handed 1B who can also handle OF, I was thinking Mitch Moreland of the Rangers.  He's still young and under team control until 2017.  and the Rangers just agreed to sign Berkman to $10M deal so I don't think Berkman is sitting on the bench.  Moreland showed he has power in his bat while playing limited at bats.  I think he could be 25-30 HR 80-90 RBI guy if given fulltime opportunity.  I know he would not be an elite defensive player but he handled both position quite well.  Nearly 2,000 chances he had during his career, he only made 11 errors, but again, he was a part timer and spent most of his time at 1B.  I think he could be a nice addition in bottom of the order who can give a pop.  I'm not too sure what will cost us to acquire him but the Rangers are looking to add in the OF and BP where we have surplus.  

    what do you guys think?

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    Re: Is Mitch Moreland available?

    interesting player seannybboi

    nice minor lea stats (OBP)

    but if you have spelled things out correctly

    doesn't it beg the question as to why

    texas chose berkman over moreland when no one here wanted berkman

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