Is the postseason revelatory?

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    Is the postseason revelatory?

    The Globe staff says Ellsbury's price keeps going up thanks to his postseason hitting.  And Drew's is going down because his hitting is awful.  Salty meanwhile is looking pretty lousy at catcher and at the plate with all the K's.  Napoli has show himself to be a pretty decent fielding firstbaseman who can hit when he isn't striking out.

    All four of those players are about to be free agents.  Who would you try to re-sign and would the postseason affect your choices?

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    Re: Is the postseason revelatory?

    Max, i think that would depend on whether or not you felt their postseason performance was a regular season carryover or not..i think you keep Ellsbury and Napoli...not sure how to approach Salty(given Ross's concussion past) guys have a pretty good track record of success with young guys stepping in..personally i like Drew(a pro) but maybe it's time to go the Machado route and have Bogaerts from Day 1..

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