Is there a hitting coach available?

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    Is there a hitting coach available?

    At least a half dozen Red Sox players currently on the roster need a first class hitting coach. One is non-dogmatic and knows who needs what.

    A good example is Lavanway. Until he gets off his flat feet, he'll never hit! If you'll notice, his left foot barely leaves the ground, and he almost always gets his swing started when both feet are on the ground! The guy needs help!

    There are other examples, but those are more obvious, and have been discussed here all year.

    As soon as the new manager is announced, that should be the No. 2 priority (behind starting pitching!)

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    Re: Is there a hitting coach available?


    The Red Sox have had success with Magadan as the hitting coach over the years.  He does frustrate me when I see the same guys having the same problems, however.

    But, the most frustrating thing about watching the Sox hitters this year has been their seemingly lack of understanding the count.  Swinging at non strikes in hitter's counts just kills me.  If it is something like 2-0, you have to have YOUR pitch where YOU want it to swing or you are just helping the pitcher make the most difficult skill in sports that much more difficult.