Is there any manager that the MEDIA will support?

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    Re: Is there any manager that the MEDIA will support?

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    I understand the angst for BV. Is there anyone though that Boston media will support before the season begins?  Just seems like whoever is selected will be written off as the WRONG person.

    Maybe we should list the writers and who they lobby for during the offseason. See how they react to their own choice during season.

    The Media,The Media, my oh my  !   First of all if it wasn't for the stupid Boston fans who believe anything and everything that is thrown out there by the Media we wouldn't be blameing someone spreding rumors and believeing every word that comes out in the press.Everything that is printed is taken to be the truth and fans run with it .The Media knows this and can have all the Boston followers eating out of their hands.It would really make the Media upset when Tito would say that it's on house and we'll deal with it.Since we had (BIG MOUTH) Bobby V the Media was like a shark smelling blood.Anything  said would give the Media a chance to throw it out there to feed a bunch of ( i will believe everything ) fans.If were to play the blame game, The Media will always be out there throwing it.What would happen if we didn't catch it. Finnally,There are some good stories out there but only the rumors and bad stories are the ones that shape the RED SOX season.We can only blame the fans for bringing in the sharks.

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    Re: Is there any manager that the MEDIA will support?

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    OK, start naming names.  20 successful (defintiion pending) big league managers who stepped in with no managerial experience and became great managers.

     I'll give you Ventura. but not Matheny, since he did inherit a World Series Champion, so his contribution is questioned

    Wow Ventura gets your approval , despite his team not making the postseason while Matheny led a Cardinal team into the postseason even after losing one of the best players in baseball (Pujols) and one of his top starters out for most of the year (Carpenter) and anyone one coming back from a major injury (Wainwright).

    If you ask me, Matheny did a better job with the cards (no pun intended) he was dealt versus Ventura, although for a 1st year manager Ventura did ok too.

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