I read where people are comparing signing Greinke and Hamilton to the signings of Crawford and Agon. It's not...when we signed those 2 guys we had an already high payroll with a lot of vet long term contracts, and very little in cheap farm talant on the horizon. We have a really deep and talented farm but it is not, as people say, a yr away. More like 2 or 3 yrs away before they can step in and make an impact. And I believe they will, but not untill at least 2014... Or more likely 2015. We should sign Greinke and Hamilton for 5 yrs apiece to give a shot to compete for a title while we still have Lester, Papi, Pedey, Buch, Ells etc...at the end of 2014 we will free up a ton of payroll. Papi, Lester, Ells, Lackey, Ross, Gomes will all be gone....that' s 60/65 mil being replaced by Boggy, Barnes, Bradley, etc....nice cheap studs. In 2015 Greinke and Hamilton will prob not be worth what we will be paying them, but we should have a ton of really cheap impact players that will off set their costs. This time is not the same as a few yrs back when Theo mis managed the teams payroll. He had no choice, there was no cheap talant on the horizon. We can win now....and for and be very competitive in the future if we sign these 2, do it Ben.....don't listen too the pundits