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    It's a quandry

    What should we do? Should we help the Halos who we can't seem to beat, or lay down for the A's who are on a hot streak.
    Who would you rather see as one of the WC teams? Or would you rather see both WC teams come out of the ALE?
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    Re: It's a quandry

    There's no quandry, IMO.  You set out to win every game for the sake of integrity.  If the Sox were in a close battle with another team, none of us would appreciate another team laying down against some team to keep  the Sox out of the playoffs.

    The same goes for purposely losing games to better our draft pick.  It shouldn't be done.
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    Re: It's a quandry

    Agree, Kimmi...

    But I have to admit I like harv's icon with Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd.