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    Re: It's Starting

    In response to 67redsox's comment:

    In response to dgalehouse's comment:


    We are already starting to hear the rumblings . The rationalization. The excuses. You know the deal. This team did more than anyone expected. They defied the odds. They were resilient. The gritty, fun loving , band of brothers. Just came up short , but thanks for a great season. A moral victory. Wait till next year when the "kids " are ready. Sorry folks, there is no such thing as a 170 million dollar moral victory. No highly paid over achievers. It is all about winning. Don't get me wrong. I am not giving up on the season. But I am not liking what I have been seeing lately. I am not interested in moral victories and endless excuses. And the same old hype about the next great  rookie crop.  This is a big market, high payroll team. Two championships in the past 95 years. It is reasonable for us to expect the team to make every effort to win. Forget all the stuff about Chicken Little, the sky is falling, etc.   We are not lining up at the Tobin Bridge.  We just do not take losing as lightly as some others. And we are tired of hearing all the speculation about whether the Sox can afford to sign this or that player. Just win , Baby. 

    Stabbed by Foulke.


    I couldn't have said it better.  Well done!


    Thank you.

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    Re: It's Starting

    The shedule is not brutal. the Sox have plenty of off days to mitigate exhaustion and nagging injuries. the Rays have just a few. This year's team has been very consistent offensively, unlike 2011 when they would pound out double digit runs one game and zeros the next. This year they have only broken 10 or more runs 12 times, versus 25 times in 2011. When Buch gets back, the Sox will be  adding to the rotation, one of the best pitchers in the league, and didn't have to trade anything for him! Relax. The unis are the same. but the teams are very different.

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    Re: It's Starting

    The statement "They're in a brutal stretch right now" in my post was meant to refer to their overall quality of play recently, not the schedule. That could have been phrased better.

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