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you NEVER offered XB??



J. Upton is, I repeat, is worth our #1 prospect. J. Upton isn't much older than Bogaerts and already has a MLB career record that is manifest with proven production at an elite level vs. peers in his age group. - Stiffy



remind me again who our #1 prospect is??


Hes 5 years older than Bogy...What r u smokin?

Did softhead actually get 2 names banned within a matter of minutes??? Classic :)



he was in a rage lol. what did you expect though? his latest man-crush was traded to a different team and big numbah two is still on the red sox.


He's in denial. He hasn't gotten one position right since he was half right on the mauer signing years ago. He should try flipping a coin and he'd do better.