Jacoby/Bradley/Nava question

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    Re: Jacoby/Bradley/Nava question

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    If Jacoby ends up at .300/.370/.430/.800 with 60 SB in 66 tries, but with only 5 Hrs, he'll still get an offer of $85M/5 from some GM out there (minimum).

    If he finds his power stroke, who knows what offer some nutty GM will give him.



    You could be right moon but I don't think Jacoby would hit many HR's in certain parks being a pull hitter.  His future success may be the Jacoby we see this season if he stays healthy.  Considering how many of the Boras signings have been huge failures you would tend to think most teams would be reluctant to play his games anymore, including Boston.  Past injuries, loss of power if it remains and Boras may come back to haunt Ells. 


    Other factors are what guys like Juston Upton are getting who a lot of people wanted over Ells at the start of the year and other CF's on the market after this season like Granderson, Crisp and Davis.

    I still think some GM (maybe Theo) will offer jacoby $18M x 5 or more. To me, that is not worth topping. I think $15M x 5 is too much, but is what FAs of his class get these days. 

    I may be wrong about Bradley, but with Victorino able to play CF, my tippy tippy top offer to Jacoby would be $55M/5.

    The draft pick we get for letting him walk has a lot of value. We have 4-5 other important slots to fill this winter, and getting a top notch pitcher is my #1 priority. Being deep at SP is a huge asset come trade time.

    If we let Ellsbury walk, sign or trade for a stud pitcher, sign a cheaper bridge OF'er (maybe a RF'er or a guy like Crisp), and a big RH'd bat that plays 3B or 1B, we'll be better off than using a big chunk of the budget on Jacoby.

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