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    Are you kidding?'s the wild west down in Florida....if prison time was the result everytime someone in Florida was over the legal limit, whacked a couple of parked cars and took off, a quarter of Florida's population would be sitting in jail.  They barely bat an eye over stuff like this down there -- if this was a regular person, they'd slap him on the wrist, have him pay a fine and close the book on it.
    Posted by bellhorn_

    You couldn't be more wrong.

    DUI laws,enforcement and punishment are pretty strict down here.

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    This was far from a simple DUI case. While all the facts haven't been released yet, we do have enough to indicate that he could actually be facing prison time. The man was admittedly driving under the influence, was so impaired that he crashed into not one but 2 separate cars, and fled the scene to avoid capture by police. He's caused thousands of dollars in damage and, were he a "normal citizen", could be facing prison time. One thing you gotta understand is that this is Florida, not Mass. They don't play when it comes to crime and punishment. The Red Sox would be well within their rights to send this chump packing, and I hope they do. The reason I'm being so vocal about this case, is this is exactly the stuff that sunk our team last season. Excessive partying, pill popping among players AND managers, and a generally unprofessional atmosphere all combined to ruin us. Will it be same old same old with this new management? Or do they have the guts to enforce some basic discipline. We shall see.  In Response to Re: Jenks: Our Hero... :
    Posted by Teakus

    Was the highlighted above mentioned in the Bob Hohler column last October? I read it several times and don't remember this. Please provide sources for your speculation.