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Jerry Sands

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    Jerry Sands

    why has there little to no discussion re jerry sands who was part of the deal with LA. He appears to e exactly what the sox are looking for since he is young 25 , plays corner outfield positions, and  first base. Big kid over 6 ft 220 with strong arm, power bat.Drove in over 100 runs with 26 home   runs and named to Pacific League allstar team. Mattingly  felt this kid had great potential. Has anyone seen any red sports writers doing any piece on this kid?

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    Re: Jerry Sands

    If he hits 2 homeruns in his first series with the Sox, he will be anointed the next one!

    John Sickels only gave him a C / C+  let's hope he is wrong.

    Jerry Sands, OF-1B: The 24-year-old Sands exceeded rookie qualifications in 2011, hitting .253/.338/.389 in 198 at-bats for the Dodgers. He's hit well in Triple-A, including a .303/.380/.531 mark this year with 24 homers for the Albuquerque Isotopes, although the park/league environment boosts his raw stats. Sands has legitimate sock in his bat, although he doesn't project as a star player given his limits to the corners defensively. I think he can be a useful role player. Grade C/C+ type.

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    Re: Jerry Sands

    It will be interesting to see what he does in FL in the spring. A lot of people think his power numbers are somewhat inflated from playing in the PCL.

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    Re: Jerry Sands

    From SoxProspects via ESPN Boston:

    Jerry Sands -- He is a first baseman and corner outfielder acquired from Los Angeles in the Adrian Gonzalez megadeal, so it might be shortchanging Sands to list him as emergency depth. He hit .296 with 26 home runs for Triple-A Albuquerque in 2012, after hitting 35 home runs in 2010 and 29 home runs in 2011. While he still has an option year left, he may be in Boston's plans as a full-time major leaguer in 2013. The problem is that he's yet to prove himself against major league pitching, and many scouts believe he will have problems with advanced off-speed stuff. Over the long term, he profiles as a solid bench player with the ability to fill in as a starter during extended stretches.

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    Re: Jerry Sands

    Mattingly  felt this kid had great potential. 

    You can pretty much say anything, but the fact that Mattingly didn't want to play says a lot.  Rivera and Abreu are replacement level players and got ~ 600 PAs.  Sands got 24 PAs.  That tells the real story.

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    Re: Jerry Sands

    The PCL inflates offensive stats and always has.  Hitting 26 HRs and .296 in the PCL is similar to 16 HRs and .266 in the International league.  He has a shot t 1B, because the Sox are weak there.  But it is an outside shot at best and if he develops into anything more than bench depth it will be a truly pleasant and unexpected surprise to most.

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    Re: Jerry Sands

    Rubby and Webster were the players that made this deal work. DeJesus and Sands are throw ins with some potential.