Jeter vs Arod

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    Jeter vs Arod

    Derek Jeter didn't directly comment on a story in The Post yesterday that highlighted his relationship with Alex Rodriguez from the soon-to-be out book "The Captain."

    Jeter did make it clear he wants to distance himself from the book, written by sportswriter Ian O'Connor, which will be published next month.

    "Make sure everyone knows it's not mine," Jeter said. "I had nothing to do with that book."

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    Frenemies Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez have spent the past decade taking swings at each other, according to a new unauthorized Jeter biography that shows the splintered relationship was nastier than ever reported and that Bombers brass thought it threatened to fracture the team -- and even cost the Yankees money.

    "The Captain," by sportswriter Ian O'Connor, out next month, chronicles the bond between the Yankee stars -- a soap-opera saga filled with power and betrayal -- from their days as rookies playing for different teams but as close as brothers, to their icy co-existence in The Bronx.

    And when fans and rival players criticized A-Rod, Jeter deferred instead of defending his teammate.

    General Manager Brian Cashman noticed this and asked Jeter to "fake it" with A-Rod.

    "You've got to lead them all, the ones you like and the ones you don't," he told him. He asked him to appeal to Yankee fans on A-Rod's behalf.

    "I can't tell the fans what to do," Jeter countered.

    A-Rod's obsession with Jeter continued, the book says. He constantly asked players and team officials about Jeter -- down to which charity he was currently supporting.

    It all came to a head during a Yankee loss in August 2006 to Baltimore.

    An easy pop-up hung in the air between A-Rod and Jeter. Both players closed in and Jeter bumped into A-Rod, knocking the ball out of his glove. Jeter shot A-Rod a withering look.

    The gesture did not go unnoticed. Cashman pulled Jeter aside and ordered him to knock it off.

    "Listen, this has to stop," Cashman said. "Everybody in the press box, every team official, everyone watching, they saw you look at the ball on the ground and look at him with disgust like you were saying, 'That's your mess, you clean it up.' "

    A-Rod also felt betrayed by manager Joe Torre, who players said added fuel to the fiery feud.

    "He would never call Jeter on anything, but he'd have no problem doing it to Alex," one player told the author.

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    Re: Jeter vs Arod

    It is the part of Jeter that I never liked.
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    Re: Jeter vs Arod

    This whole "Jeter vs. A-Rod" is a topic that the media takes way out of proportion.  
    Doesn't the NY media have anything better to do?  Such as why the Knicks got swept?  Or why the Mets have less hope than North Korea?  

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    Re: Jeter vs Arod

    I loved the quote from Cashman asking how high above the highest offer would the Yankees need to go in order for Jeter to feel it was a fair offer.  Ouch.  That had to sting.
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    Re: Jeter vs Arod

    In Response to Re: Jeter vs Arod:
    Yankees sucked tonight. I am on the the way home. How did you get home so quickly? I didn't realize that Humber, the rookie, was a Cy Young. I am really pizzed off. How about you. Weather was nasty and I spent $85 for nothing. I feel entitled to expect much more out of a $202 mil. payroll. A wasted effort by Burnett.
    Posted by MikeyinQueens

    You didn't go to the game tonight and you don't live in Queens.
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    Re: Jeter vs Arod

    I understand they did not play well tonight and I know that OUR team is 12-7 and not 10-11 and the fact that you and I show up here the night of a loss speaks well for us WE are not like SmileyBeni2817 who hides after the Sox lose.  Well Done MikeyinQueens! 
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    Re: Jeter vs Arod

    In Response to Re: Jeter vs Arod:
    Thank you man.
    Posted by MikeyinQueens

    Absolutely man you're no pink hatter Sox fan like SmileyBeni2817 you know that it is better to be 12-7 as opposed to 10-11 and that our FO which is the best FO in baseball will make the midseason moves to put the Yanks over the top and win the division.  I can't stand Pink Hatter Sox fans like SmileyBeni2817 and thats not what you are MikeyinQueens!  I'll see you in the Canyon of Heroes in November 2011 when the Yankees win #28 and SmileyBeni2817 is no where to be found nor his pink hat.
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    Re: Jeter vs Arod

    Get these Mikey twosome a room please. Better yet add Babe to the room also and then lose the key.