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Joba may Need Tommy John Surgery

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    Re: Joba may Need Tommy John Surgery

    I'll take their word over yours. As far as Ells is concerned, I'm sure you're at least a little embarrassed, not that you would ever admit it.

    And you took their word that AGon was getting surgery and wasn't going anywhere this winter. Ditto, on the Red Sox as favorites for Tex.

    As far as Bellsbury is concerned, even MoonSlav admits that I opened his eyes in the spring of 2008 Ellsbury mania to see the obvous poor defensive OF depth perception issues. As with Jeter's "double", last night, leading to two Yankee runs, I'm quite pleased to know that not allowing popularity to impair judgment is how correct player talent evaluations are made. He's hitting poorly against LHP, weak defense, paper arm, and his current OBP is not a year end OBP. He's also getting thrown out a lot more on steal attempts. In the end, he'll end up at or near his career averages. This appears to be pretty good, but when defense is incorporated with CS %, v. LHP, it's not the package inside the wrapper that most fans see.

    Embarrassed, LOL! Crawford is going to be his replacement, which is a bad thing on value but a good thing on talent. Crawford will return to at or near his career averages, despite the terrible start, and he took all the money in this economy on future outfield LH scatback long term contracts. The Red Sox will be looking for a solid young RH OF'er for the future.
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    Re: Joba may Need Tommy John Surgery

    When did you say we can expect Jake to be traded?
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    Re: Joba may Need Tommy John Surgery

    One thing Softy fails to mention in his comments regarding how poorly Ells is doing against LHP this season (.310 OBP, .669 OPS), is how well he has to be doing against RHP to have the overall numbers that he has at this point in the season.

    Ells' slash line against RHP in 2011:  .326/.384/.514 for an OPS of .898.

    As Softy will no doubt tell you, most pitching is right handed.

    Edit: Last night Ells raised his OPS vs LHP by 37 points to .706 and his OBP vs LHP to .333.
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    Re: Joba may Need Tommy John Surgery

    I feel bad for any pitcher who needs TJ surgery.
    I brought theis question up last week about the seemingly increase of TJ surgery in MLB.
    Is it because of more of them throwing junk versus power pitchers?

    Is it their age and not having thrown enough to build up the surrounding structures?

    Like Nolan Ryan said when he was young all he did was throw a baseball all day every day. I can remember doing that my self all day every day there was no snow on the ground back in Lowell. Never had a sore arm ever. Of course I now have an artificial one at age 61.

    Maybe it did happen as much years ago but there was no TJ surgery so those that had it just disappeared???????
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    Re: Joba may Need Tommy John Surgery

    I think athletes train harder and put more focus on training and conditioning than they did in the past. The natural strain on the arm that comes with pitching plus over-work via training could be a cause for the increased TJ surgeries...
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    Re: Joba may Need Tommy John Surgery

    I read somewhere a while back that some doctors after much discussion all agreed that the human arm is simply not designed to throw a baseball over and over again at incredible velocity and with many different grips and movement of the wrist. the torque factors are off the charts and I believe that your gonna see more and more pitchers tearing tendons and ligiments down the road.

    and yeah, as much as I dislike Joba I'm also one of those fans that hates to see a guy have to go under the knife no matter what team he plays for.