In Response to Re: John Henry "perplexed" by Red Sox discontent:
AGon made a big mistake. He allowed himself to be used by old Red Sox union boss and his minions. No one will listen to a word Beckett or Ellsbury et al say, including Pedroia who has made the mistake of following the union boss. I'm disappointed in AGon and Pedroia, but I know exaclty what's going on. They both love the game and have the history of games played to prove it. They have allowed themselves to be used. AGon is a new guy, so I can see how gullable he might be. Pedroia should know better. Once Beckett and Ellsbury are gone the entire character of what's left will change. It's very important that the team get new player leadership. Middlebrooks and Buchholz are the most obvious choices. They need to step up, mature into the essential player leadership roles that require players to demand accountability from themselves. Ortiz is on year to year contract status. There is no way that he has the platform and foundation to dress down his fellow players.
Posted by TrotterNixon

I mostly agree. I'd throw Lackey in there to - the guy was known for having a certain attitude, he comes to Boston, still has that attitude, and now Beckett and Lester have it to. It's telling that Bobby V encouraged Buchholz to not follow the lead of the leaders of the staff.

I still think Ortiz cares. I don't think he feels the mutual loyalty to the team that he has in the past. It's understandable. In 2004 he gave a speech about not winning for themselves but to win for the people who care about the Red Sox. Now he's getting year to year contracts from a team he's been loyal to. He probably feels like he has one foot out the door, and not by choice. But based on comments he makes, he gets it - he knows certain guys have to be more comitted to their performance. But he's not really in the position to lead the way he used to. I think Pedroia cares. I don't think he'd undermine a manager because of ego, he probably just sees things falling apart and blames Bobby V because other people blame Bobby V. It didn't help that Bobby was hired to replace a manager who was made a scapegoat last year that Pedroia was close to, and he shot off about Youkilis early in the year.