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    JOHN ROCKER: "the game was better with PEDs!" agree?

    leave it to the rock to blow it up the discourse with such passionate extreme.. nothin like ajuicer defending the entire juicer community. he says 1998 with slammin sammy and mcgwire was second to none.. attendance was up. what does it matter what guys take.. fans want to see a 100mph pitcher throwing at a roided up circus freak like bonds .. brought all the money to the ballpark and eyeballs to the tv sets..

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    Sure thing John...and the Barry Bonds 73-HR season was even more exciting, wasn't it? 


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    before anyone takes anything rocker says too seriously, check deeper into this guy.  a total head case ala roid-rage.  only thing that kept him around mlb for 6 yrs was roids and after first couple years not even his roids helped him.  funny he gets a minute of camera time to come out in support of PEDs when actually he is a classic example of why PEDs need to be banned.

    just a couple articles here for your reading pleasure.