Jon Lester and Mr. Hyde

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    Re: Jon Lester and Mr. Hyde

    In response to georom4's comment:

    Globe article today about him "hitting the right notes"

    total mea culpa about his petulent outburst a few days ago - looks like someone took him aside and told him to grow up...Im glad the sox brass is not taking advice from the head in the sand brigade here who felt is was no big was and needed to be rectified asap, hence the "clarification/further explanations" about EEI interview...

    He said he needs to step up and be a leader and not whine on the mound...hmmm i wonder if the bootlicker brigade will call him out for criticizing himself...

    This same some someone said to Lester, "Personally I don't a damn what you say as long as you back it up on the mound."  Then he broke out his computer and showed him some of your posts.  He said, "Look, you know and I know that these guys are losers, but they're still our fans, so just be careful with your choice of words. Just play the media game and appease these pathetic  fools.  You know how it works, John."  

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    Re: Jon Lester and Mr. Hyde

    Personally, Im just glad to see him say what he said. Someone obviously got in his ear and maybe a look in the mirror too.

    Lester is primed for another 15+ season. Which is his norm.