Quotes like these make me question the whole 'Beckett is a bad seed' narrative which is so popular in the Boston sports media:

He had planned to play through the pain for two more starts, then possibly miss his last scheduled outing before the All-Star break. But with his strength increasingly limited by the inflammation, Beckett got shelved instead.

“I told Bobby [Valentine], I thought I could make two more starts . . . but I got overruled and it’s probably smart,’’ Beckett said. “I’m definitely not ready for my career to be over. When you start getting inflammation plus strength limitations, that’s when you tend to do something catastrophic.’’


Beckett’s exact return date will depend on whether Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz, the pitchers scheduled to go around the time Beckett gets off the DL, want an extra day off. If that is the case, Beckett said, he will be ready to go. If not? Then the decision is out of his hands.

“It’s up to [Lester],’’ Beckett said. “He’s not the one on the DL. I think he should be able to pitch whenever he wants. If he wants to pitch on that day, or if he wants an extra day, I’ll pitch on that day. I think it’s up to those two guys, because they’re the ones going out there right now.

“You don’t come off the DL and say, ‘Hey, I want to pitch right now.’ You get to say that if you’re not on the DL.’’


“Awesome,’’ Beckett said of Morales. “We called him the teammate of the day. He had fun doing it. That’s a lot to ask for the guy. He accepted it, went out there, and did what he had to do.’’

And when Morales boarded the team bus after the game, Beckett joined the team in giving him a standing ovation.