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    It seems to me the reality is that there is nothing out there in the FA market that will drastically alter the face of this team - at least not without over paying for so so talent.  

    So who might be available in July that isn't now and is the 2014 FA Market better?

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    Re: July/2014

    Possible 2014 FAs:

    C- McCann

    1B- Morneau, Morse, Reynolds, Morales, Konerko

    2B- Cano, Utley

    SS- Jeter. Peralta, B Ryan, Y Escobar, 

    3B- Wright, M Young, Prado

    LF- JBay

    CF- Ellsbury, C Gomez, Grandy

    RF- Choo, N cruz, Francouer, C Hart, H Pence

    SP- Halladay ($20m vested option), Dickey, G Floyd, Garza, C Carpenter, P hughes, Burnett, j johnson, Jurrjens, C Lewis, Lincecum, Maholm, Wandy R, E santana, J santana, J Shields ($12M option), j Vargas